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Monday 6/1/15

------------------------ 6/1/15 ------------------------

An 8.5 earthquake strikes off eastern Japan.

------------------------ 5/28/15 ------------------------

1/3 of the world's commerce goes through the international waters of the South China Sea. China is now claiming 80% of this sea (nine-dash line) by building artificial islands, installing military bases and airstrips on them, for the purpose of claiming navigation and over-fly rights, even against the US navy and aircraft.

Satan has persuaded FOX to run a ridiculous new series rendering him as a good guy. In "Lucifer", Satan (aka Lucifer Morningstar) decides to resign from Hell and moves to LA as a crime fighter. There's a lot of misinformation in this show, such as the that God is his father, and that he is now in Hell (Satan doesn't want to go to Hell anymore than anyone else) - official trailer - Scheduled for 2016.

India is in a heat wave of up to 118F which has so far killed 1400 people. (pics)

------------------------ 5/27/15 ------------------------

The Palestinians are trying to get Israel kicked out of the World Soccer Federation (FIFA)

Several rockets were launched from Gasa toward Israel, one of which landed inside Israel near the port city of Ashdod. Things had been mostly quiet, with a few exceptions, since the August ceasefire.

------------------------ 5/26/15 ------------------------

Natural Disaster - Record-breaking rain storms and flooding in Texas and Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend....More.
In the last month the Dallas area has had two other floods, a 4.0 earthquake and a mile-wide tornado.

------------------------ 5/25/15 ------------------------

Google usually changes their logo to commemorate special days, but on Memorial Day today they chose to only display a tiny icon (see below). This insensitivity indicates that Google will be one of the heartless power elite in the coming New World Order.

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