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In the soon coming months or years, Jesus will come in the sky to rescue (the Rapture) all born-again believers (His bride the church) away from the earth into Heaven to escape the coming disasters and the new Orwellian world society! During the several years following the Rapture, billions of people will die from war, poverty, famine, disease, pestilence, natural disasters and the evil world dictator, the Antichrist! At Armageddon, Jesus will return to earth to vanquish the Antichrist and rule the earth in power and peace for 1000 years! Then final judgment and eternity! The details are in the Bible, particularly in Daniel and Revelation. In the meantime, here is the news until then.


Latest Update 6pm Thursday 8/31/17


------------------------ 8/31/17 ------------------------

A few weeks ago in Charlottesville VA, there was a violent clash (over a Robert E. Lee statue) between groups of Nazis/white supremacists vs Antifa-type radicals and Black Lives Matter. Donald Trump tried to condemn both sides for the violence, but the media, the Dems, some Reps, and black leaders called Trump a racist because he didn't focus his condemnation only on the hateful Nazis and white supremacists. Antifa is a violent hate group too, and so is Black Lives Matter. Trump was right to include both sides in his condemnation. Yesterday even Nancy Pelosi condemned the alt-left Antifa group for their violence at Berkeley CA dressed in black hoods and masks.


------------------------ 6/8/17 ------------------------

The issues of "Trump Colluding with Russia" and "Trump Trying to Obstruct Justice" are completely empty nonsense charges. This is costing a lot of taxpayer money and taking up valuable time of govt officials and news attention. These charges are promoted by Trump’s political opposition to bring him down, and it all distracts from Trump's attempt to accomplish his agenda that he promised. It is part of the opposition (Dems, media, liberals, globalists, Trump-haters, etc) strategy of obstruction, disruption and distraction.


------------------------ 5/30/17 ------------------------

I am reminded of a Bible story that is like what is happening today where the election losers (Dems, media, liberals, haters, etc) are trying to destroy the country rather than let the country try to succeed under Trump. The Bible story is about Solomon and the two mothers who are claiming the one living baby. The dead baby’s mother is willing to kill (cut in half) the living baby rather than let the true mother have it.


------------------------ 5/22/17 ------------------------

It is disgraceful that many of the Notre Dame grad students walked out in a boycott of Mike Pence’s commencement speech. Their parents and the school faculty and students should be very ashamed of them. That was nasty and disrespectful of the democratic process. Democracy cannot survive if the losing side cannot be respectful, helpful where possible, give the elected leaders a fair chance, and wait until the next election to try again. It’s another sign of the end.


------------------------ 3/3/17 ------------------------

The book “The Shack” (25M copies) and the follow-up movie are anti-biblical and heretical. Christians should not read nor attended them. The story contains many heresies regarding the Triune nature of God, sin, salvation, and scriptural authority. The story portrays God the Father as a human woman and the Holy Spirit as another human woman with a Hindu name. The story teaches that all people are saved regardless of Christ - that is, the false doctrine called Universalism. Children that are exposed to this book or film will be confused and misled (maybe for life) about the true God of the Bible. The popularity of this book & movie among evangelicals indicates that discernment and Bible knowledge have been lost to them – another sign of the end-time apostasy of Christianity.


------------------------ 2/12/17 ------------------------

NOAA has been exposed by a whistleblower (NOAA Climate Scientist Dr John Bates) as providing misleading climate data. Instead of providing raw seawater buoy temperatures, they added ship seawater exhaust temperatures which are known to be too hot. There were several other NOAA irregularities as well. This affected the conclusions reached by leaders of nations who signed the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement imposing taxes and giant burdens on households of developed nations. This is a reminder of Climate-gate in 2008. (src Daily Mail)


------------------------ 2/9/17 ------------------------

Since the court issued the TRO Feb 3, 77% of the 1100 refugees entering the US are from the 7 terrorist countries in Trump’s ban. The State Dept seems to be pushing through these refugees before the ban is reinstated.


The 9th circuit court of appeals decided 3-0 to continued to halt (TRO) Trump’s 7-country travel ban. This is another example of the judges ignoring the laws of Congress (1182) and deciding cases based on their own politics. This liberal court is the most over-turned court (86%) in the country. The best thing to do now is to issue a new executive order incorporating any objections, such as residency visas and green card waivers, to make sure that the Supreme Court will vote 8-0 to lift the TRO.


------------------------ 2/7/17 ------------------------

Trump’s temporary travel & refugee ban from 7 terrorist-ridden countries has been halted nationwide by order of a low-level district judge in Seattle, exceeding his jurisdiction. The order is being reviewed today by the liberal 9th circuit court of appeals in San Francisco. Many Democrat-led States & Silicon Valley companies are filing anti-Trump briefs in the case. However, the law is on Trump’s side. Federal law 8 US Code 1182, passed in 1952 by a Democrat Congress and President, gives the President unfettered discretion to deny entry to any alien or group of aliens he deems detrimental to the interests of the US. This is not a Muslim ban as has been misreported by opponents of Trump.


------------------------ 2/4/17 ------------------------

SuperBowl 51 – New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons - tomorrow Sunday 2/5 at 630pm on FOX - Houston’s NRG Stadium! – SportsAtAGlance.comUpdate: Atlanta dominated in the 1st half, but New England rebounded from a record 25 points behind to win in OT 34-28! Tom Brady received his record 5th Superbowl ring!


------------------------ 2/2/17 ------------------------

A demonstration by leftist students at UC Berkeley turned violent when a group of leftist masked anarchists called “black bloc” joined the protest. They were dressed in all-black and they threw rocks and fire projectiles, attacked police and caused a lot of property damage. A girl with a Trump cap was pepper-sprayed by a protester. Only one person was arrested. Trump hinted that UC Berkeley federal funds might be withheld if the college fails to provide safety and security for the free speech of both sides.


------------------------ 1/30/17 ------------------------

Supervolcano Campi Flegrei located under Naples Italy is showing signs of reawakening. A full eruption would kill millions across Europe, wipe out billions in the economy, and halt air travel, industry and crops. Europe would be plunged into darkness for months or more. This volcano is known as the big daddy of Mt Vesuvius and it last blew in 1538.


------------------------ 1/27/17 ------------------------

Actress Barbara Hale died at 94. She played Della Street, “Perry Mason’s” executive secretary on TV from 1957-1966 and the hour-long TV movies in the 1980s. She was married to the late Bill Williams, TV’s 1950s “Kit Carson”.


------------------------ 1/21/17 ------------------------

Trump returns the bust of statesman Winston Churchill to the Oval Office. Obama had replaced it with MLK bust, which remains. Also Teddy Roosevelt bust was added.

All references to “climate change” have been deleted from the White House website.


------------------------ 1/18/17 ------------------------

Update: Good News - Kerry assures Netanyahu that the US will not support any new UN resolution in this last week as a result of last Sunday’s Paris Conference. src JPost


------------------------ 1/12/17 ------------------------

On Sunday Jan 15th, seventy Western and Middle East nations are meeting in Paris to take further steps (since the treacherous UNSC Resolution 2334) to force Israel to move its borders back to the 1967 line from which they were attacked by surrounding Muslim nations in 1967. 1973 and continuing. The meeting nations will demand that Israel turn that land over to a new Palestinian State. Israel cannot defend itself at the 1967 line from those surrounding nations and terrorist groups whose goal is to exterminate them. If the attendees of this Paris meeting were acting honestly, they would postpone the meeting to wait for the new US administration. This will be Obama’s next-to-last step in imposing his dangerous Middle East policy before he leaves office. Obama’s final step will be an attempt to get a UNSC resolution on a Palestinian State before Jan 20th, when Trump takes office.


------------------------ 1/11/17 ------------------------

The CIA leaked a fake dirty story about Trump in a Moscow hotel which was published by CNN and BuzzFeed. Senator McCain also received the fake story from a British ex-agent and passed it on un-vetted to the FBI. The fake dirty story was originally fabricated as fan-fiction by 4Chan, sent to anti-Trump activist Rick Wilson, who thought it was real and sent it to the CIA. - Update: Clapper contacted Trump to express his dismay about the leak of the fake dirty story.


------------------------ 1/9/17 ------------------------

The WSJ reported that the Obama administration directly gave Iran in excess of $10B in cash, gold & assets to secure the Nuke Deal. Iranian spokesman Bahram Ghasemi confirmed the WSJ article and added that the $10B just scratches the surface of the total amount given to Iran by the USA over the past several years. Obama has deceptively low-balled these payments.


------------------------ 1/8/17 ------------------------

There was a truck ramming attack that killed 4 and injured 10 in Jerusalem. The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas praised the attack. The terrorist 28yo Fadi Qunbar was shot and killed and other members of his family were arrested.


------------------------ 1/7/17 ------------------------

The first obstacle that Trump is going to face is to persuade the anti-Russian hawks in Congress, including McCain, Graham and Rubio, that we need to foster good relations with Russia to help defeat ISIS, among other things. Will Trump have private talks with them to persuade them, or will he use the direct approach?  It seems it will be the direct approach – today Trump tweeted (3 posts):

“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only "stupid" people, or fools, would think that it is bad! We..... have enough problems around the world without yet another one. When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and.... both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!” (src


------------------------ 1/6/17 ------------------------

Shooter kills 5 and wounds 8 in the Ft Lauderdale Intl Airport baggage area. 26yo Esteban Santiago-Ruiz was arrested - he claims hallucinations to follow ISIS. src-CBS Miami


------------------------ 1/5/17 ------------------------

NBC received a briefing from two intelligence officials about the secret Russia report that Obama received yesterday and that Trump is suppose to receive tomorrow (Friday). Trump complained that NBC should not have received access to the classified report. Who gave it to them and why?


Football: The NFL Playoffs start Saturday Jan7 (Wild Card Weekend) leading up to Superbowl 51 on Sunday Feb5. - . Also, on Monday Jan9 is the 2016 College Football National Championship game between #1 Alabama and #2 Clemson in Tampa at 8pm on ESPN. – Update: The Clemson Tigers won the National Championship 35-31.


------------------------ 1/4/17 ------------------------

The Washington Post recently had to retract two viral false stories against Russia: (1) That Russia is spreading “Fake News” and (2) that Russia had hacked the US electric grid.


------------------------ 1/3/17 ------------------------

Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. and Laura Bush, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter plan to attend Trump’s inauguration.


Megyn Kelly will be leaving Fox News at the end of this week to go to work for NBC.


In an hour-long interview, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says that it is absolutely false that the Russians provided the leaked documents that were harmful against Hillary and her campaign manager John Podesta. Obama, Hillary, and the DNC falsly claim (using double-entendre language) that the Russians conspired with Trump to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. This false charge (lie) is politically motivated to try to taint Trump’s presidential legitimacy. This lie also diverts attention from the fact that the leaked negative information against Hillary is true. Obama went further and broke relations in-part with Russia to continue the lie.


------------------------ 1/2/17 ------------------------

Coming up Tuesday Jan 3 the new 115th Congress that was elected in Nov 2016 will be sworn in. In the 5 minutes between the old Congress and the new one, Obama could appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court and appoint many other lower court judges. These sneak appointments would likely be overturned in a year, but they would further complicate Trump’s efforts to succeed. Will Obama be a jerk and do this or not? src WT - Update: Obama didn’t do it – good for him.


ISIS says it is guilty of the New Year’s Eve attack on Reina nightclub in Istanbul Turkey


------------------------ 12/31/16 ------------------------

Terror attack at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul Turkey at 145am (ET Sat 545pm) – 600 New Year’s celebrants fled - the gunman escaped in the chaos – initial reports are 39 killed and 70 wounded – reason for the attack is not yet known – the hunt is on for the gunman. src Fox - AP


------------------------ 12/30/16 ------------------------

Putin takes the high road and decides not to expel American diplomats in response to Obama’s badly-timed expulsion of Russian diplomats. Putin is even inviting the American kids to the Kremlin’s New Year’s and Christmas (Jan 7) parties. Putin is sensibly not biting at Obama’s provocation and Trump is being diligent not to get tricked into a bogus Russia policy before his time Jan 20.

------------------------ 12/29/16 ------------------------
Lame-duck Obama is attempting to sabotage Trump’s polices before he takes office Jan 20.  So far, Obama has banned much offshore drilling, condemned Israel, broken relations (in-part) with Russia, land-grabbed 1.65M acres from Utah & Nev – no doubt more Obama dirty deals are to come in the remaining 21 days making more work & expense for Trump.






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