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THE BIG HEADLINE OF THE DAY - Saturday 9/19/09

------------------------ 9/19/09 ------------------------
The economic system proposed in the article "Pay With a Wave of Your Hand" sounds a lot like the Antichrist system that the Bible warns about - i.e., no one can buy or sell unless they have the mark of the Antichrist on their forehead or in their right hand! (Rev 13:16-18)

------------------------ 9/9/09 ------------------------
A London study concludes that population control is the cheapest way to combat climate change!

------------------------ 9/2/09 ------------------------
The copyright owners of the NIV Bible have decided to publish a new NIV version in 2011 that replaces the true translation of many words in favor of modern socially acceptable norms!

------------------------ 6/23/09 ------------------------
Data from spy-satellites over the US will no longer be used for homeland security, such as identifying vulnerabilities to terrorism, due to concerns about domestic spying!

------------------------ 6/22/09 ------------------------
Obama is in default of a court case to produce a valid US birth certificate showing whether he is eligible to be President under the Constitution's citizenship clause. The papers were served prior to his swearing-in.
On-going Cover-up: The White House law team has been engaged in a massive cover-up of Obama's US birth certificate (presumedly non-existent). The cover-up has been aided by the pro-Obama press, the Democrat-run Congress (they did hold hearings on McCain's birth), intimidated officials, and the Obama-friendly Kenyan govt!

------------------------ 6/19/09 ------------------------
The Obama administration has cut off all water to the farms in the California central valley to protect the endangered delta smelt minnow!

------------------------ 6/18/09 ------------------------
Chilling evidence is emerging of govt plans to suppress political dissent by labeling protest against govt policy as a form of terrorism!

------------------------ 6/17/09 ------------------------
Brazilian scientists find a new mutation of the H1N1 swine flu virus!

------------------------ 6/16/09 ------------------------
ABC News agrees to broadcast govt propaganda from inside the Obama White House! Update: ABC refuses paid opposition ads!

------------------------ 6/14/09 ------------------------
Israeli PM Netanyahu agrees to negotiate for a Palestinian state, but one that would be no military threat to Israel, no dilution of Jewish votership in Israel, and Jerusalem to remain under Israeli control!

------------------------ 6/13/09 ------------------------
Obama snubs a law (the IG Reform Act, which he co-sponsored) by firing an Inspector General that tried to prosecute an Obama friend in a $400,000 fraud case!

------------------------ 6/12/09 ------------------------
The latest govt healthcare proposal will add $600 billion in new taxes; Medicare & Medicaid will be cut by $400 billion!

------------------------ 6/11/09 ------------------------
The World Health Org (WHO) has declared a global swine flu pandemic!

------------------------ 6/10/09 ------------------------
Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean was fired as Miss CA by Trump, allegedly for a contract dispute stemming from her opinion against gay marriage!

------------------------ 6/8/09 ------------------------
The "Hate Crimes" Bill S.909 now in the US Senate will effectively criminalize free speech against any form of deviant sexual behavior!

------------------------ 6/6/09 ------------------------
Google decided not to honor our troops on D-Day June 6th;
instead their logo honored the Tetris Video Game!

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